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New Frontiers of Sago Palm Studies


ed by K. Kainuma, M. Okazaki, Y. Toyoda, and J. Cecil

/ 2002 / Cloth, 222×145mm, XIV+368+XX pages / No. 37 of FSS―Frontiers Science Series (ISSN 0915-8502) / ISBN 4-946443-71-1

Proceedings of the International Symposium on SAGO (SAGO 2001) A New Bridge Linking South and North held on October 15-17, 2001, at the Tsukuba International Congress Center (Epochal Tsukuba), in Japan
Starch is obtained from a number of different palm trees. By far the most important species of starch-bearing palm is Metroxylon sagu, the sago palm. M. sagu grows in freshwater swamps in Southeast Asia and many islands in the western Pacific. More than 200 kg of starch (sago) can be obtained from a single palm. Not only does sago constitute an important part of the diet of the people who live in these regions, but the leaves of sago palms are used for making thatch, and the bark is used for surfacing pathways and as a structural building material. Sago palms have been grown in gardens and plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia for the industrial production of starch for many years. This starch is used locally for making traditional foods and is exported for industrial use.

This book is the proceedings of an international symposium, SAGO 2001 that was held from 15th to 17th October, 2001 at the International Congress Center at Tsukuba in Japan. The symposium adopted as its theme A New Bridge Linking South and North, and aimed at bringing together experts from many different fields to discuss:

developments in scientific and technological aspects of sago, and its place in the culture of the people who grow and eat it; ways to exploit the enormous potential of sago for alleviating possible future food shortages and for improving the welfare of people who live in sago-growing areas.

The symposium brought together scientists from a wide range of disciplines -- more than 160 scientists from 14 countries attended the symposium, and more than 60 papers and posters were presented. The papers and summaries of the posters are collected in this book.

This book provides a record of the research that is being conducted on starch-bearing palm trees and M. sagu in particular. It gives an overview of the existing knowledge of these commercially important plants.


Keynote Lectures
Agronomic Practice in Cultivating the Sago Palm, Metroxylon sagu Rottb. -- the Sarawak Experience
Starch Utilization in Asia
Socio-economic and Anthropological Studies in Sago Growing Areas
Oral Presentations
Sago Starch Production in Asia and the Pacific -- Problems and Prospects
The Current Status and Future Prospects of Sago Palms in Java
Sago Cultivation in Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Growth and Starch Production of Sago Palms in Southeast Sulawesi: the Effect of Soil/Water Regimes
The Rehabilitation of Natural Sago Forests as Sustainable Sago Plantations -- A Shortcut to Sago Plantations
Introducing the Sago Palm (Metroxylon sagu L.) to Tanzania
Somatic Embryogenesis in Sago Palm (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.)
The Development of Technology for the Extraction of Sago
Genetic Variation of Sago Palm (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.) in the Malay Archipelago
Genetic and Morphological Variation in the Sago Palm (Metroxylon Sagu Rottb.) (Arecaceae) in Papua New Guinea
Genetic Diversity Identification of Metroxylon sagu in Alu-bijid by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Assay
Biogeographical Observation of Metroxylon Section Coelococcus
Sago Waste Residue as an Alternative Herbicide in a Field of Pepper
(Piper nigrum L.) and its Effect on Pepper Growth
The Utilization of the Fibrous Residue of Sago Palm as a Substrate for the Cultivation of Edible Mushrooms
Effect of Sago on Methane Emission and Carbon Dynamics in Tropical Peat Soil
The Positive Impact of Forecast Climate Changes on the Productivity, Range, and Sustainability of Sago Palm (Metroxylon sagu) as a Renewable Resource
Commercialization of Sago in Papua New Guinea: PNG -- World Leader in Sago in the 21$^{rm st}$ Century!
Quality Improvement of Sago (Metroxylon Sagu) Starch Processing
Paste Texture of Sago Starch in Comparison with Other Commercial Starches
Structural and Morphological Changes of Sago `Raw Starch' during Storage at Room Temperature, Using Scanning Electron Microscopy
Production and Utilization of Value-added Starch Hydroly- sis Products
The Effect of Pro-oxidants on Natural Weathering of Sago Starch Filled Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLPDE)
A Study of Traditional Methods Used for Sago Starch Ex-traction in Asia and the Pacific
Sago, Economic Change and Nutrition in Papua New Guinea
Sago Palms, Metroxylon (Arecaceae) in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands: Traditional and Current Uses
Sustainable Utilization of the Upper Montane Sago Species (Eugeissona utilis and Arenga undulatifolia) in the Central Mountain Range of East Kalimantan, Indonesia Poster Presentations
Sago in Indonesia
Commercial Sago Palm Cultivation on Deep Peat in Riau, Indonesia
The Contents of Leaf Nutrients for Sago Palms of Soils in Coastal Lowland Areas at Different Distances from the Sea
The Cooking and Processing Properties of Japanese Traditional Confectionery Made of Sago Starch -- Effect of Addition of Trehalose and Silk Fibroin on Physical Properties --
Changes in Some Characteristics of Sago Palm Sucker Growth in Water and after Transplanting
Major Factors Limiting Seed Germination of Sago Palm (Metroxylon sagu Rottb.)
The Effects of the Sago Starch Content in Rat Diets on Serum and Liver Lipid and Oxidant Levels
Chemical Properties of the Solid and Liquid Phases of Peat Soils in Sago Palm Forests
Frond Biomass Accumulation of Sago Palms Cultivated for Roofing Material in Northern Mindanao
Physicochemical Properties of Sago Starch Compared with Various Commercial Starches
The Background and Process of Introducing Sago Palms to Tanzania
The Non-molecular Nitrogen Balance in an Experimental Sago Garden at Dalat, Sarawak
Nutritional Ion Characteristics of Tropical Peat Soils in Sarawak, Malaysia
Sago, an Attractive Renewable Resource for the ``Lactate Industry''
Textural Properties of Sago and Wheat Flour Mixtures
Fundamental Research on the Production of Feed from Sago Residue after the Extraction of Starch
Determination of Free Sugars and Non-Starch Polysaccharides in Inner Mongolian Cereals
Component Analysis of Sago Waste after Starch Extraction
Characteristics of Esterified Sago Residue
Application of Ozone in the Sago Starch Industry
The Uppermost Surface Structure of Sago Starch Granules
Preparation of Granular Cold Water-Soluble Sago Starch: A Preliminary Study
Cationic Modification of Sago Starch (Metroxylon sagu) by an Aqueous Alkaline Process
Sago Palm in Nepal and its Utilization

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